Preaching: Movie Style (Pt. 7)

We’ve talked about why to do a movie series and how to pick which movies you’ll do, let’s finish this series by discussing creative pieces for a movie series.

A movie series makes for easy set and ambiance design. For instance:
Rent (or buy) a popcorn machine and make loads of popcorn in the lobby. People will come into that smell, and you can give each person a bag of popcorn.

Buy the poster for the movie you’re doing that Sunday, and the following week. Frame them, and create a “Now Playing” and “Coming Soon” sign to put on each frame.

Get a red carpet and have people walk it coming in. You can even have pretend paparazzi taking pictures of them. Or make black cardboard cutouts of paparazzi holding cameras and put them on each side of the carpet. Set up flashing lights to act as cameras flashing.

Give out a DVD of the movie as a door prize each week. We’ve done all kinds of things. You could tape a card under a chair and the person who sits in that seat wins. Or you could bring up two volunteers for a movie trivia game and give the winner the prize.

Make sure that at some point in the service you tell people what next week’s movie is. Hype it a little. Tell people to invite their friends.

Tomorrow I’ll talk about possibilities for creative pieces within the service. Until then, I’ll leave the light on for ya.

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