Hot, Hot, Hot (8 of 8)

How do you keep your people’s passion for those who are far from God white hot? How can you tell how hot it is? We’re taking some posts to think through those issues. So how you feeling? (Hot, hot, hot).

And the last way (at least for this series) to increase the heat in your church is through the stories you tell. In the fantastic book, “Made to Stick” the authors explain the factors that make an idea sticky. Probably the greatest stickiness factor is … a story. They give the example of Subway who for awhile had featured an ad campaign explaining that they had “6 subs with under 6 grams of fat.” This marketing effort saw their sales increase by zero percent. Their next campaign featured Jared, who had gone from over 400 pounds to under 200 by eating Subway subs. Sales went through the roof. Why? Because of this new information? No, it was basically the same information – Jared lost weight through eating the six subs with under six grams of fat. It wasn’t the info. People responded because of Jared’s story.

If we want to have a church that is truly passionate about helping people who are far from God find their way back into His arms, we need to share stories. It’s crucial. I share my own story of coming to faith often. I share stories of people who are without God and how it’s having a negative impact on their lives. I share stories of Forefront people who share their faith or invite their friends to church. I share stories of life change.

Probably the most powerful story sharing that happens at Forefront occurs at our baptism services. We have each person share their coming to faith in Jesus story, and it is powerful. I mean really powerful. People are in tears, they’re cheering, it’s like a vision fest.

So what stories are you sharing, and who are you having share stories? Don’t let Subway corner the market on this one. They can already make sandwiches better than you – you be the better storyteller.

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