Hot, Hot, Hot (Part 2)

How do you keep your people’s passion for those who are far from God white hot? How can you tell how hot it is? We’re taking some posts to think through those issues. So how you feeling? (Hot, hot, hot).

Another way to monitor, and crank up, the heat in your church is through the questions you ask. Think about it: What questions do you ask your staff, your leaders, your spouse, your kids. And what questions do people ask you? We ask about the weather, about who won the game, about what’s for dinner and where do you want to go for lunch. We ask our leaders how their small group was, or how the kids in their class are doing. We ask our staff about their attendance, and how their event went. We ask our kids about how school was.

Why don’t we ask about lost people? Seriously. If God’s heart beats for His lost children, if Jesus came to die to reunite people who are far from God with their Heavenly Father, if our mission is to lead people to Him – why don’t we ask questions about it? Here are some great questions: (1) Honey, why don’t we know our neighbors? Why don’t we have a party and start developing relationships with them? (2) Why don’t you find out who in your class doesn’t go to church and invite one or two to come this Sunday? (3) I noticed you haven’t had anyone new in your small group for awhile, why don’t you remind your people of our mission to reach out to people who are far from God? (4) What do you think a first time person would think of this song? (5) Our staff needs to set the example of evangelism, so who are your non-Christian friends right now? (6) Are you sure that a child from a non-Christian family would understand the lesson you’re doing on Sunday? (7) How is your ministry going to help our church reach lost people this year?

Maybe if we started asking better questions we’d get better results… Don’t you think?

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