Hot, Hot, Hot (Part 3)

How do you keep your people’s passion for those who are far from God white hot? How can you tell how hot it is? We’re taking some posts to think through those issues. So how you feeling? (Hot, hot, hot).

Another way to crank up the heat in your church, in fact the best way is for you to set the example. Often church planters will ask me how to start a church with “evangelistic dna” – the answer is that it has to be in you.

When my wife got pregnant for the first time, no amount of praying that we would have a baby who would grow up to be a seven foot black man who stars in the NBA would have done the trick. We also could have prayed for child who would become a great Chinese gymnast, but it wouldn’t happen. Why? Because it’s not in our DNA.

And I don’t think a person without evangelistic DNA can birth a church with evangelistic DNA. So it better be in you, and you need to live it out and let it show. If your heart doesn’t break for people who are far from God, why will anyone else’s? If you’re not developing relationships with non-Christians, why should anyone else? If you’re not inviting lost people to church, why will anyone else?

So, is it in you? And is it showing? Set the example, and watch your church burn.

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