Hot, Hot, Hot (Part 4)

How do you keep your people’s passion for those who are far from God white hot? How can you tell how hot it is? We’re taking some posts to think through those issues. So how you feeling? (Hot, hot, hot).

Another way to crank up the heat in your church is for you to state the problem. If I asked you to give money to some kids in Africa you’d say no, with ease. But if I explained that these kids have AIDS and need medicine that your money would buy, you might give. If I asked you to hang out with a kid I know for an hour, you’d say no. But if I told you he was an underprivileged kid with no parents who needs a little tutoring, you’d probably say yes. If I asked you to give me some food out of your refrigerator you’d just give me a perplexed look, but if I told you it was for a homeless family that was near starving to death, you’d run to the kitchen.

See it? To get people to care, to get them to act, you need to show them the problem.

Our developing relationships with people who are far from God, and trying to lovingly lead them towards Him is not something we do because it’s fun, or entertaining, or nice. We do it because there is a significant problem that needs to be solved.

What is that problem? God is a father who is heartbroken because he has children who are lost and without Him. And, people are empty and purposeless and sad inside because they’re far from God, and face eternity separated from their Father and their true home.

People need to understand the problem to want to be a part of the solution.

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