Lousy T-Shirt Series 2!!

The other day I posted about new creative materials available for the Lousy T-Shirt series. I also shared with you a few “reviews” from churches that have done the series. Here are a couple more. And, remember, if you want to do this series it is ABSOLUTELY FREE. I know that we at Forefront and have really appreciated it when we’ve been able to use something from another church, thereby saving us the work of having to create something ourselves. So this is our way of trying to give back. Here are those reviews:

“We had a great experience using the Lousy T-shirt series at our church. As the weeks went on we could see our people really catching the vision to cast off their “lousy t-shirts” and enjoy the adventure of faith god intended us to live. Because of the programming resources on the website our creative team had a huge jump start on the series each week. We took advantage of the small group studies so that all of our groups were studying the same curriculum. We also used the daily devotions provided on the website. We sold out of several cases of the books we provided at our resource table. We’re looking forward to Vince’s next book and series that we can challenge our congregation with!” (Tim Cole, Velocity Church)

“I lead a small congregation of a church … most of the congregation is old. As a young pastor, I sometimes struggle to develop message series that will touch their lives in a way as to reignite their passion for Christ. I have to say the book and materials that you have produced in “I Became A Christian and All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt” have truly been a blessing from God. I wasn’t sure at first how they might respond to it, but have been overwhelmed by the comments that I have received. I preach to people who have been Christians for decades and have been in the same old religious rut for many years. The themes of Lousy T-Shirt help to to explore possible reasons why they have lost their fire and explores ways to get it back. However, part of the beauty of the series is that it is written is a way that it touches the hearts, not only mature Christians, but that of new believers and non-believers alike. I will be ever thankful for the materials that you all have put together that work to enhance the message… I pray that many churches will incorporate this series into their churches soon!” (Willy Maxwell)

– featured on newchurches.com