Lousy T-Shirt Series!!

Hey – cool news: A series of Youth Group Discussion Questions and Interactive Activities have just been added to the Lousy T-Shirt church series, based on my book. A few churches who were doing it asked if we could add a component specifically for teenagers, and you’re wish is our command!

Also, several churches have now done the series. One new church just started it this past Sunday and got on the local news, where the series was featured, along with some other creative things this church has been doing.

I thought I’d share a few “reviews” by people who have now completed the series. You can read those below. And if you’re interested in doing the series – you get TONS of stuff, all for FREE! If you choose to make the book available to your people, you can get them for 50% to 60% off by the case.

“Dude, awesome series! We’ve gotten some great feedback on it. And I must say, all the brainstorming ideas on the website really got us started in the right direction.” (Chip Heath, Velocity Church)

“Borrowing ideas and creative elements from other churches can be risky. Very few churches preach to a crowd like we are trying to reach – people that might actually be skeptical or unsaved. What’s funny is that this series ended up speaking mainly to believers, but kept everyone – including seekers – listening and laughing. We just completed the T-shirt series and it really well … our people grew spiritually… The series focuses on helping Christians that are stuck spiritually move to new levels in their faith. I honestly think every church could benefit from teaching this series and letting their people read the book. Having it all packaged together was a big help. Each week, our people seemed to track with the messages and really connected with the “counselor” videos. And of course, it helps that Forefront is one of the most creative churches around and Vince is a great communicator, so borrowing their stuff and getting to use it as our own made us look like a church far beyond our fledgling church plant status. I think our creative team caught a new vision for what’s possible too. It couldn’t have hurt that they got a six week break! For that matter, so did I – I still had to make Vince’s messages my own, but that saved me a huge amount of time each week!! I think we all benefitted from the series, but more importantly, I think some of our folks caught a vision for what life as followers of Christ could really be like if they would lose the t-shirt and go for something of much greater value: A life lived to the max with Christ.” (Charles Whitmore, Phoenix Church)

– featured on newchurches.com