The Multiplying Church 6: Disciples?

I’m gonna do a few series kind of interacting with and starting discussions about themes in some books on church planting. This first series comes out of the The Multiplying Church.

I love it that one of the questions Bob asks is, “What kind of disciples do we want to produce?” To often we go into church planting just wanting to start a church, or just wanting to attract a lot of people, or just wanting to convert a lot of the lost. But the goal, for the people we reach, is transformation. We want to produce disciples whose lives are changed by following Jesus.

So what kind of disciples do we want to produce? Bob offers a great list. We want:

  1. Radical: Let Them Do and Be More
  2. Comprehensive: Encourage Them to See Life as a Whole
  3. Vocational: Tell Them How to Use Their Jobs
  4. Intimate: Help Them Love Jesus More
  5. Servant: Show Them How to Look Outward
  6. Pilgrims: Remind Them It’s an Unpredictable Journey
  7. Giving: Model for Them What It Means to Give It All

I like that! At Forefront we talk about producing disciples who Love God, Love People, and Turn the World Upside Down. We talk about two “disciplines” for each of those three characteristics: For Love God: (1) A weekly large group worship gathering and (2) A daily time of intimacy with God. For Love People: (1) A weekly small group gathering and (2) Investing in relationships with people who are far from God, in hopes that they’ll get close to God. For Turn the World Upside Down: (1) Serving on a Forefront Ministry Team and (2) Giving generously back to God to grow His Kingdom.

So what do you think? Is there anything you would add to or take away from Bob Robert’s list? Anything you would add to or take away from Forefront’s list? Any better way to say any of these?

And if you had to come up with your own 6 or 7, what would your list have? Do it, it will be a great exercise for you. And leave your list in my comments, it will be a great learning for me and others to see what you’re thinking.

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