#11 (tie): Bonehead and Wholly, Holey, Holy

After 10 years of Forefront we’ve now done over 120 message series. Thought it might be fun and interesting to share with you my top twenty.

I loved both of these series and I put them together because they were both inspired by the same person. I think his name is Trevor Brun (??) but he used to be at a church in Denver (I think?) and I heard about them a few years ago and checked out their web site. Several of his series had really fun sounding names, and these were the two I ended up borrowing.

Bonehead so seems like a series I would come up with that I’m surprised someone else came up with this series before me. The series was about Jesus’ disciples, and how they repeatedly show themselves to be boneheads. They make mistakes left and right, put their feet in their mouths with stupid comments, you name it. And every time I read one of those stories I thank God, because it makes me think that Jesus might actually choose me to be one of His disciples.

Holey, Wholly, Holy seemed like a series my mother, who teaches reading, would appreciate. The series was based on an antonym, which is when two words sound the same but have different meanings. We talked about holey excuses, being wholly God’s, and holy living. I like stories from the Old Testament, and we got to look at the stories of Moses, Caleb, and Daniel, which was great. Another exciting thing about this series was that we introduced two new characters: Homonym Man and his trusty sidekick Homonymph. Basically we created a campy 1950’s TV show about a superhero who helps people when they have communication breakdowns due to improperly understanding homonyms. Homonymph was a big, strong guy in our church who wore a tutu and waved a magic wand and yelled, “Homonymph!!!!” That is good stuff!!!

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