#10: Revolution Calling

After 10 years of Forefront we’ve now done over 120 message series. Thought it might be fun and interesting to share with you my top twenty.

I loved this series for so many reasons. As do many preachers, I talk about how God’s not looking for religion with us, He’s wants a relationship. I believe that. It’s true. But it’s not the total truth. It’s bigger than a relationship. God wants a relationship with us that leads to a revolution. A revolution that starts inside of us and then explodes out of us. It changes us within, and then allows us to become a part of changing the world. That’s what this series was about. How do we experience the revolution of God on the inside, and then how do we bring it to other people?

Some other things I loved about this series:

(1) The name came from a song by Queensryche, who is one of my all-time favorite bands.
(2) This is the series where I first introduced the “guerrilla lovers” concept. We talked about how we’re supposed to use our Holy Spirit inspired intelligence and creativity to repeatedly do close proximity, low intensity ambush love attacks on unsuspecting people. Hopefully this will eventually overwhelm them and lead them to “surrender” to that love.
(3) We gave our guerrilla lover assignments to all the Forefronters each week of the series.
(4) My upcoming second book was birthed out of this series. Look for “Guerrilla Lovers” to come out next year…

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