For a Eulogy?

I just saw something someone wrote about me on their blog after I spoke last month at the Whiteboard Sessions. I have to say that one phrase in his description is, perhaps, my favorite thing I’ve ever heard said about me. Here is the whole thing.

Vince Antonucci was a blast. Kind of daft in the head perhaps, but very powerful and God-centered in his exhortation. His personal background was that of an extremely “un-churched” variety, so he had a great and important perspective to share on the sometimes bizarre world of Christendom here in America and how vital it is that we focus on going out and saving people who are truly in need of a savior instead of catering to the weaknesses and comfort levels of seasoned churchgoers.

“Very powerful?” Who cares. “God centered?” That’s nice. But “Kind of daft in the head perhaps…” That is freakin’ awesome! I now have a new vision for my tombstone.

Vince Antonucci
Husband, Father, Pastor, Friend
Kind of daft in the head perhaps