I often hear speakers at pastor conferences talk about making sure your church is “missional” and there are all kinds of books about making sure your church is “on mission.” Well, for years I’ve been saying that pastors can skip the conferences and save the money the books cost and just come and watch the people of Forefront.

Yesterday I was proven right.

If you want to see a missional church, people who put the mission of God above themselves, watch the video of the announcement I made yesterday, from 18:10 to 18:45. What you will see is a church applauding the news that their pastor is leaving them. Now I guess it’s possible that they were just really glad to get rid of me, but I don’t think so. I believe we have the coolest people in the world. People who don’t want to lose their pastor, but are glad to lose him if it means a new church will be started in a place that needs one.

I honestly don’t have words to tell you how proud that makes me. Thank you Forefront.