Chasing Cool 10: Built-In Press

Just read a great book called Chasing Cool. Thought I’d share a few ideas from it and process them out loud …

The authors encourage us to, instead of trying to chase publicity, have “a product with a built-in press strategy.” (79) To have something so good, so different, it can’t help but generate interest.

This somewhat flies in the face of what goes on with a lot of church planting, doesn’t it? Church planters tend to be pretty big on calling the news, writing press releases, letting everyone know what we’re doing. “We’re doing a gas buy down!” “Our pastor will ride a motorcycle into the service this Sunday!” “We’re starting a new series!” “Wet t-shirt contest this week!”

The authors of Chasing Cool would say that this is sort of like a beautiful woman running around yelling, “I’m so beautiful! Look at me, I’m so beautiful! Everyone, I’m so beautiful!”

What do you think? One of the arguments for their side is the example of Jesus, who repeatedly told people, “Shhhh, don’t tell anyone what I’ve done for you.” But on the other side, if someone hears about what your church is doing, and it leads them to show up, and eventually their life is changed, well, how do you argue with that?

So where do you land on this? And how could you do church (or a church plant) in such a way that it has “a build in press strategy”? That you don’t run around telling everyone that you’re beautiful, but people notice it and talk about it anyway?