Chasing Cool 3: Execution

Just read a great book called, Chasing Cool. Thought I’d share a few ideas from it and process them out loud …

Quote: “As with everything, it’s all about the execution of the vision.”

What would you say is the biggest difference between churches that are all wow and growing and impressing everybody, and those that aren’t? Is it that they have a better vision, or that they better execute their vision?

I’m sure there’s not one stock answer for every case, but I’d argue that most of the time it’s the execution of the vision. I’ve seen some non-growing churches with a great vision, and with great preaching or worship. I’ve also seen some exploding churches with a very normal vision and just-above-average preaching. I think most of the time the biggest difference is execution of the vision. Who has stronger leadership? Who has better systems? Who has a more clear structure? Who pays more attention to details?

Unfortunately, perhaps, it’s all about the execution of the vision.

Agree? Disagree? What do you think? And how could you, or how have you, improved your execution?