Chasing Cool 9: Microwave

Just read a great book called Chasing Cool. Thought I’d share a few ideas from it and process them out loud …

  • “Anything you try to microwave will lead to microwave quality.” (72)
  • The authors also talk about a hamburger chain that spent lots of money on an advertising campaign which drew lots of attention. Didn’t really improve sales and soon sales were actually slightly lower. Ask question: What if, instead, “they’d hired ten world-famous chefs to improve their burgers”?
  • Later: “Good advertising makes a bad product fail faster.” (85)

Okay, so this is interesting for us church planters. Let me give you this choice: Let’s say you’re starting a church. You’re the “Lead Pastor” and you also have a “Creative Arts/Worship Pastor” and a part-time “Children’s Pastor.” Then someone comes along and tells you that they are going to give you $50,000 for your first year, $25,000 your second, and $15,000 for your third year. Your choice is to either: (Scenario A) Spend that money on advertising. And let’s say for the sake of this scenario that you know the advertising would work. It will bring in people. Or (Scenario B) Spend that money to hire a Small Groups/Discipleship Pastor. The outside funding will cover his expenses for the first year, and will part of his expenses for the next two.

So which do you choose?

Let’s say your attendance at your “Opening Day” is 300 with Scenario A, but only 150 with Scenario B.

Which do you choose? And don’t pretend it’s easy to answer, because it isn’t. (Is it?)