Starting New Churches On Purpose (3)

I’m gonna share some ideas from Ron Sylvia’s book, Starting New Churches On Purpose, and process them out loud and see what you think. Here’s one:

Ron says that every church planter is called to a specific location. Do you agree with this? Interestingly, I didn’t feel specifically called to Virginia Beach, though I felt completely called to start a church. This time, though, I am completely called to a location (Las Vegas). I guess I have mixed feelings – what do you think?

Ron also talks about what type of people you’re called to. He says that most church starters want to reach the upper class. (I’ve seen a lot of that too. You know why? I think it’s because church planters are greedy bastards. Okay, maybe not. … But maybe.) Ron says that you can reach the upper class IF you are upper class. Because whether you like it or not, you will reach who you are. If you want to know who you can and will reach, look at your friends. That’s who. I think that’s true – but maybe you’ve seen the opposite in some cases? Have you?