Starting New Churches On Purpose (5)

I’m gonna share some ideas from Ron Sylvia’s book, Starting New Churches On Purpose, and process them out loud and see what you think. Here’s one:

Ron talks about vision-about how God must first give it, and then it grows and develops and clarifies inside of us. As it grows our passion for it deepens and intensifies. Then Ron writes one of most true things ever written:

When I meet with church starters who talk about their vision for a new work,
generally after one meeting I can tell if the church will get off the ground or
not. If they cannot convey their enthusiasm and get me excited about their
vision for a new church, chances are they will struggle with casing the vision
for a group of people. Nothing ignites and excites my heart more than talking
about birthing a new church. But this I have learned: “No Vision, No Passion. No
Passion, No Vision.” Passion and vision are inseperably linked. Can you
articulate what you see in the future for this church? What does it look like?
Who attends? What does it value? What makes it different than other churches?
Where will it be? What do you see?

Hey potential church planters-stick that in your pipe and smoke it! That is the deal right there. I am always astounded when I listen to a church planter who can’t describe with clarity and passion what his church will be like. And if that’s you change quick, or don’t start the church!