Starting New Churches On Purpose (6b)

Earlier I wrote about Ron’s advice on putting together your launch team. During the launch team phase, he also encourages Preview Services. He suggests having three preview services-one a month-and then the fourth month is the Grand Opening. He also advises having “comeback events” inbetween the Preview Services. These would be events like cookouts or a Superbowl Party that people can come to and get connected in relationships.

Preview Services are designed to give you momentum headed into your Grand Opening. Ron suggests making sure the room is full for them (and, if necessary, enlisting people from supporting churches to come and help make this happen.)

I’m planning on doing Preview Services as part of the launch in Vegas, but we did not do them when we started Forefront ten years ago. So I’m interested: Did you do them? How did they go? What did you learn? What can you tell me?