Recurring Series – 3

So why is there power in doing a recurring series?

I think part of the reason is that it’s a proven brand. It’s kind of like when the TV networks release their new Fall schedule. There will be some show that sounds interesting, you may even like the actor starring in it, so you’ll give it a try, but it will take something to convince you. But when The Office starts back up, you’re planted in front of your TV or your TiVo is capturing it.

In the same way, when we announce, “Next week is a new series called Crappy Love Songs” that sounds interesting, and you’ll definitely give it a try, but you’re not sure yet. And maybe if there’s something else you have to do, church could lose out. And invite your friend? Well, maybe, but is this the right series to bring my friend? I know the pastor said so, but he always says that…

But when we announce, “Next week we start At the Movies” you’ll have your butt filling a seat and you’ll even tell your friend, “You know the church I’ve been mentioning, this would be a great week to come, we’re doing this awesome series called At the Movies.”

It’s the power of the proven brand.

There’s more, but you’ll have to wait till next time.