Whoops! (1 of 8)

Last week I got the honor of speaking to a group of people who lead Church Planting Ministries and Organizations. They wanted me to speak from the perspective of someone who has started a church and will soon be starting another. What did I learn from my first try? What will I do different this time? Thought I’d share a few of the thoughts I shared:

First was starting Forefront with Co-Senior Pastors. I’ve since heard someone say that everything God creates has one head, and anything that has two heads is a monster. Well, I don’t know if Co-Sr Pastors can ever work, but we had a really good situation – I had a great person to share the role with, I think I’m a special guy, my partner and I agreed on most everything – but it was still too difficult to make it work over the long haul. In fact, it didn’t last long at all.

I’m a big fan of the guy who was my Co-Sr Pastor, and I am a big fan of me, but I am not a fan of Co-Sr Pastors.