Whoops! (2 of 8)

Another mistake I think we made in starting Forefront was hiring staff too quickly.

I remember awhile into our church plant and we were feeling kind of overwhelmed, especially with administrative details and finances, and we said, “We’ve got to hire somebody to do this.”

And we did.

Well, maybe we should have hired someone to do this, but maybe not. For us, I think the answer to many of our problems, or the avenue to achieving many of our dreams, was to hire a staff person. And part of the problem with that is that it’s easy to become staff reliant.

We became a church where the important things were done by the staff, important decisions were made by the staff. If we were gonna discuss changing our small group strategy that was done by staff members in a staff meeting. Change how we do assimilation? Staff members in a staff meeting. New advertising campaign needs to be designed? Staff members in a staff meeting. Planning a Sunday morning series? Staff members in a staff meeting.

Because we hired too quickly we became a church driven by and reliant on our staff.