Whoops! (4 of 8)

Yet another whoops! we made in planting Forefront was not providing high level volunteer leadership positions

This is connected to the staff stuff I’ve been mentioning, but what we’ve done too often is have volunteer positions, but only low level. There have been too few positions where you’re making key decisions, overseeing other leaders, helping to run a ministry.

I heard about the beginning of Fellowship Church in Dallas. A group of people decided to start a church together and then hired Ed Young Jr. Then they met with him and asked, “So, now you’ve got to hire your staff.” He said, “No, I already have my staff.” They said, “Oh, who have you hired?” He said, “Oh no, you don’t understand, you’re my staff.” They said, “What? No, we have enough money saved, our offerings are enough that you can hire staff.” He said, “Nope, I’m not hiring staff. You’re my staff.” He pointed at one lady and said, “You’re gonna lead the Children’s Ministry, and you’ll be awesome at it.” He looked at a guy and said, “With your experience and passion, you’re a natural to lead our Small Groups Ministry.”

Man, I wish we had that approach when we started Forefront, and I want to take that approach next time.