Whoops! (5 of 8)

When we started Forefront ten years ago, we also blew it in not having team based ministry. We usually had lone rangers leading ministries instead of teams leading ministries.

I’d hope that we’re the only dopes who make this mistake, but I doubt it. I hear stories like the old classic Rick Warren deal where he says, “In the beginning when someone would say to me, ‘Why don’t we have a Singles Ministry’ my answer is, ‘You lead it.'” Well, I have all kinds of issues with that, and one is that it’d be a lot better if it was, “You form a team to lead it.”

It can be difficult because when you’re starting out you don’t have a whole lot of people, and especially a lack of leader-like people. But to me that would mean reducing the amount of ministries you offer, not reducing the size of the team that leads each ministry to one.