Idol-atry-ize-ing: Normal?

One of the problems we pastors have is this: Out of the 350,000 churches in America the average size is 92. The typical new church starts with maybe 200 (or less) on their first Sunday then drops to 100 (or less) and starts to slugglishly grow from there.

Yet all we hear about are the mega-churches and the new churches that quickly explode into the thousands.

Those are the one in a thousand stories, but they’re all we hear about. And so we get the perception that those churches are normal. They are actually anything but normal. Yet because we think they’re normal we compare ourselves to them and we come out wanting.

This can lead to pastor idolizing, church lust, and depression.

What should we do about that? Well, what do you think? Leave a comment.

I’ll share my thoughts in an upcoming post…