What’s In a Name? – 1

Most of you have probably heard that I will be moving to Las Vegas in January to plant a new church on the Vegas Strip. If you don’t know, you can read about that here, or watch my announcement of it to my church here.

Well, after several months of thinking and praying, I have finally settled on a name. For awhile it looked like it was going to be Forefront, because in many ways this new church is being planted out of Forefront, and I will always be a Forefronter, and our two churches will be connected in a lot of ways.

But finally I decided to come up with something new and, as much as possible, something that really seemed to fit the Strip.

So today I am announcing the new name, and a contest you can take part in, and the rest of the week I’ll share a little of how I came to this name.

So what is the name? I’ll put it up in two hours. Wait…wait.