What’s In a Name – 3

So how do you select a name for a new church? Well, I have no idea. But I guess a church needs a name so we had to come up with one. And one of the things we wanted was a name that was vague enough and intriguing enough that it might raise curiosity and start conversations. A name that might draw questions rather than make a statement.

I’ve had a lot of conversations where someone says, “What do you do for a living?” “Actually, I’m a pastor.” “Oh, what church?” “Forefront.” “Oh.”

So I wanted to come up with a name that would make people say, “What’s that?” or “What’s that about?” or “What’s that mean?” or “Why that name?”

Hence… Verve. It sounds kind of cool, but I’ve found that most people don’t know what it means. People’s eyebrows kind of go up when you tell them it’s going to be the name for your new church. It’s an instant, “Huh, what’s that about?” reaction.

And that’s what I wanted.