What’s In a Name – 4

Doing a little series on how we came up with the name for the new church we’re starting. Last time I mentioned that we wanted a name that was (hopefully) vague and intriguing enough that it would raise curiosity and start conversations.

I also wanted a name that means something. That if someone said, “What’s that all about?” or “What does that mean?” the answer wouldn’t be, “Umm, well, nothing, we just kinda thought it sounded cool.”

This is another thing I love about the name Verve. People don’t quite know what it means, but it does mean something. If you look up verve the definition will be something like: Liveliness, energy, enthusiasm, passion, vitality.

Many would claim that the Las Vegas Strip is a place of energy, enthusiasm, passion, vitality, and liveliness. But there is something missing. There is something dead in the life of the Las Vegas Strip. People who live and work there sense it and would admit it in their more honest moments.

We want to bring true verve to the Vegas Strip. Jesus said He came to bring life, true abundant life (John 10:10). We could say that He came to bring verve. Through Him, we hope to do the same.