What’s In a Name – 7

Last time I shared the slogan we’re planning on using in Vegas with our name, Verve. The slogan is:
Stripping Church. Seeking Life.

Why? Well, the “Stripping Church” has a variety of benefits.
  1. It plays on the idea that we are a church for the Strip. It connotes that we have re-engineered church for people on the Strip.
  2. It gives the idea that we have eliminated unnecessary and unwanted elements from church. For instance, if someone asked, “What do you mean by ‘Stripping Church’?” The answer might be, “When you think of church, what comes to mind? Religion. Polyester suits. Meaningless rituals. Holier than thou attitudes. Knowing when to stand up and when to sit down. Well, what we’re doing is stripping church of all that unnecessary garbage and letting it be what it’s supposed to be: loving God and loving people.”
  3. Having the word “church” in the slogan also helps let the curious know that Verve is a church.

“Seeking life” works because…

  1. It is a felt need, something people recognize they need to do.
  2. But it’s also a real need; it’s what God commands us to do in Jesus.
  3. It also connects back to the Verve name. Verve speaks of the source of life, and that is what we’ll be seeking.

So, our name and slogan?

Stripping Church. Seeking Life.