When is the last time you felt really alone? I think this question is especially relevant for pastors, and probably even more so for church planters. It’s not uncommon to just feel totally alone.

This is one of the coolest things, and perhaps what we ignore the most, about the Holy Spirit. Jesus says that because of the Holy Spirit, I am never alone (see John 14:26). In fact, Jesus speaks of this in even grander terms. In John 14:20 He makes a profound (and a little confusing) statement about the intimacy of the Trinity, and then basically includes us in it.

No, I’m not saying that we become God or anything stupid like that, but Jesus does say that because of the Holy Spirit in us, we have been drawn into the intimacy of the Trinity. Crazy!

And it means that we are never alone. So I guess the trick is: How do we feel that? Like how do we make that not just a theological truth, but an actual reality in our lives? How do we get to the place where, because of the Holy Spirit, we are never alone.

Got any ideas?