In Step

Lately my family has been taking bike rides after dinner. It’s been fun and my kids love it, but there’s one problem. My daughter is still using training wheels and she goes slooooooooooow. My son and I will start pedaling our bikes and after a couple of minutes one of us will say, “Where are the girls?” And we look back and my wife and daughter are so far behind us it’s like we’re not even riding bikes together anymore.

In Galatians 4:25 Christians are told to keep in step with God’s Spirit. The picture I get is like there was a day eighteen years ago when I invited the Holy Spirit into my life and told Him I wanted to journey together for the rest of my days. But I wonder if it’s possible that sometimes I am so focused on what I’m doing, and so moving at my own speed that it’s like the Holy Spirit and I aren’t even walking together anymore…

If you’ve been feeling alone, powerless, distracted, weak – is it possible that you’re not keeping in step with the Spirit?