Mind Set

I’m sharing a few thoughts this week from the study I’ve been doing on the Holy Spirit and I’m guessing some of you are like, “What’s the big deal?” Not that you think the Holy Spirit isn’t a big deal, but that you’re thinking, “I have the Holy Spirit, so of course I’m living out of and ministering out of and speaking out of the Holy Spirit.”

Oh, not so fast my friend, not so fast.

If you think that, I’d encourage you to read Romans 8:1-17. I will again make the disclaimer that I’m no theologian, but I’m pretty sure the Bible says here that after receiving the Holy Spirit a Christian then has to (continually) make the choice to set their mind on the Spirit, or on the sinful nature. And, in the same way, we can live out of, minister out of, and speak out of the Spirit, or out of our natural self.

The question I’ve been asking myself is: Is my mind really set on the Spirit? I know it’s not set on my sinful nature, but is it really set on the Spirit? And, if not, what do I need to change?

How about you?