Money, Money, Money, Money

We’re doing a series on money right now. One of the suprises to me in ministry has been that one of my favorite things to do is preach about money. Thought I’d share a few thoughts this week on preaching about money to unchurched non- and new-Christians.

One of my suggestions is that this needs to be a series where you uncross people’s arms. New people come to church expecting that you’re going to be talking about money and then, holy crap, you’re talking about money! Unbelievable!! You’ve met their negative stereotypes of you. And so if you can do something in the service to break their negative stereotypes, that would be a good thing. One of the ways we usually do that is through humor.

For instance, when we’ve talked about debt we’ve done this top ten list:

The Top Ten Signs You’re In Financial Trouble

10 The homeless offer you their “Will Work For Food” signs.
9 The bank you chose is so broke that after you get a free toaster, the bank president shows up at your house begging for toast.
8 You’ve rolled so many pennies, you’ve formed a psychic bond with Abe Lincoln.
7 You’ve spent so much money on Rice a Roni that when you hear of an earthquake in San Francisco, your first thought is, “Oh no! Is the Rice a Roni factory okay?”
6 You fight with your wife about the best way to wash paper plates.
5 You’re not getting the rent payments from the hostages in your basement.
4 Compassion International gets you adopted by some children in South America.
3 You took that job as a door-to-door live walrus salesman.
2 You look at your roommate and see a large fried chicken in tennis shoes.
1 During communion you ask for seconds.