Not Just Tithing

Been talking through some ideas on preaching about money. I’ve mentioned how one of the problems in preaching about money is that people who have been avoiding church because they assume churches always talk about money come in and … they were right. You’re talking about money.

So you need to do something to defuse their feelings: “I knew they were just after my money.” I mentioned using humor. Another thing is to not just talk about giving.

When we do a series on money it will typically be four weeks long, and only one or two of the messages will be about giving. In the series we’ll also talk about getting out of debt, living off a budget, etc. That’s a surprise to people: “Wait, they’re talking about money, but they never told me to give them my money. They just gave me wise financial advice from the Bible. It’s almost like they just wanted to help me…”

When you do a series on money, how many of the messages are usually about money?