One of the things we’re told repeatedly about the Holy Spirit is that He will speak to us for God (see John 14:16-17; 14:26; 16:13). And I was reading the story in Acts 10:9-23 where the Holy Spirit does that with Peter. The Holy Spirit very clearly speaks to Peter. And it was something Peter really needed to hear.

But here’s what I noticed.

Peter was praying when the Holy Spirit spoke to him. In fact, not only was Peter praying … he actually went up on a roof to pray. That indicates to me that he was serious about getting alone to be with God. And God, through His Holy Spirit, met Peter on that roof and spoke to him. Would God have spoken to Peter if Peter wasn’t praying? I don’t know. But maybe not.

I know lots of people, and lots of pastors, who really want God to speak to them. There’s something they really need to hear. But I also know lots of people, and lots of pastors, who only pray for a couple of minutes a day (or less). Would God speak to them if they took the time to get alone to be with God and pray? I don’t know. But maybe.