What Do You Say?

Yesterday I wrote about the unique vision God has given you and making sure that you see it clarly. I shared this quote from the book Church Unique, by Will Mancini:

When God wants change, He affects the heart of the leader first. When God wants to move a nation, He gives the vision to an individual first. It’s as if the leader is standing on top of the mountain, with others below. He or she sees something awesome, something more beautiful, better, and within reach. But the climb up the mountain is hard work – very hard work. How does the leader motivate the team for a strenuous climb?

So yesterday the question was: What do you see? The second question is: What do you say? When you’ve seen the vision, but you’re the only one who has seen it, how do you communicate it to motivate the team to make the climb?
I’ve been sharing for years what I call the Golden Rule of Creating Church DNA: Whoever owns the metaphors makes the rules. So I was glad to read Mancini’s advice: Communicate the vision with metaphors. (I love it when people agree with me!)
Some of you have heard some of the one’s I like to use: Church as steak restaraunt for P.e.t.a. activists; Church as rescue workers at Ground Zero on 9/12; etc., etc.
So what are saying and what will you say to communicate the vision? What metaphors will you use?