What Do You See?

I’m reading Church Unique by Will Mancini and I was really struck by a passage in it. Mancini mentions God calling leaders like Abraham, Moses, and Paul, and then writes:

When God wants change, He affects the heart of the leader first. When God wants to move a nation, He gives the vision to an individual first. It’s as if the leader is standing on top of the mountain, with others below. He or she sees something awesome, something more beautiful, better, and within reach. But the climb up the mountain is hard work – very hard work. How does the leader motivate the team for a strenuous climb?

So, pastors (and maybe especially church planters) first question: What do you see? What’s the vision God has given you? I hope it’s not just for a new church. Not just a bunch of people singing songs and listening to sermons and getting together in living rooms. That’s happening all over. What’s the unique vision God has given you? It is awesome, beautiful, better, and within reach?

Seriously, what’s the unique vision God has affected your heart with and given to you?