Fundraising: The Process

So we’ve talked about what churches versus individuals are looking for, what’s the process for making the ask? Here’s what I think is ideal:

Step One: Call (or e-mail) to let the person or church representative know what you’re doing (“I’m going to be starting a church in Vegas!”) and that you’re going to be sending some information and a request for financial support.

Step Two: Send the information and request – immediately.

Step Three: Call (about five days later) to make sure the info was received and to set up a face-to-face meeting. If meeting in person is impossible, set up a phone call to talk things through.

Step Four: Have the face-to-face meeting or phone call.

So, a couple things you’ll notice. First, this plan does not have a big meeting where you invite a bunch of people to a dinner and make a pitch to everyone at the same time. Don’t do that. Why? Because it’s much easier to say no when you’re in a big group and assume everyone else will say yes. Second, you’re trying to meet with the person face-to-face or, if not, on the phone. Why? Because it’s hardest to say no in person, and second on the phone. It’s much easier to say no via e-mail or a letter.