Fundraising: What Are Individuals Looking For?

Sharing some ideas on fundraising, Last time what churches are looking for, this time let’s talk about what individual supporters are looking for. And I think it’s almost inverted. I said that churches take a very logical approach to deciding who to support, in most cases individuals make emotionally based decisions.

Sure, a Kingdom-minded Christian wants to invest their money wisely and will be impressed with your past ministry accomplishments and a well thought out plan, but most will be driven primarily by a desire to support you and your family.

This may not hold true for a rich benefactor kind of person (and if you know people like that, introduce me!) but most individuals are going to support their friends.

This is why if you look at my fundraising materials, you would see a pretty stark difference between what I gave churches versus what I gave individuals. Churches received a 31 page business plan that highlighted past ministry accomplishments, the need on the Vegas Strip, and our strategy to reach and disciple people there. Individuals received a letter with a paragraph or two about what we’re going to do, but just as much about our family and how we need financial support to help with our salary, and a picture of our family. Both were totally true and accurate, I just shared the information that would be most important to the person receiving it.