Fundraising: What to Ask For 2

With individuals, I give choices as far as how much to support. Our commitment card for the church plant in Vegas gave people the choice to give $35, $50, $100, or $200 a month for 36, 48, or 60 months. I’ve heard that the magic number with fundraising from individuals is $40. Most will not give $40 or more a month, so it helps to have an option under $40.

With churches, one of the things I think is wise is to have a second, and maybe third, ask. So if a church says no to your original request, great. But if they say no, instead of just, “Oh, okay, thanks anyway,” you say, “I understand that you’re not able to support me monthly, but would you consider a one time support offering? Then, if that’s a no, “Would you consider having me come preach for you one Sunday and taking up a special offering?” Then, if that’s a no, “Would you consider having a mission team come out and do some servant evangelism projects for us? Then, if that’s no, “Okay, you wore me out! I’m done. You have crushed my spirit and I may never recover. Thanks for that.”