New and Improved

So here it is, the new blog with an all-new and improved look. Thanks to Zak White (who is a great guy, and the best Magician/Executive Pastor in the country – okay, the ONLY Magician/Executive Pastor in the country) for all his help.

I’ve decided not only to give the blog a new look, but also a new theme. In two weeks I’m moving to Las Vegas to start a new church on the Vegas Strip. I know some people want to follow what we’re doing (friends who care, pastors who are curious, maybe even some people in Vegas who are interested) and so this blog is about to turn into a daily journal of what we’re doing and how it’s going.

I’m also going to have a little more fun with it, so there will be some craziness that I can’t even imagine yet.

Hope you’ll stay tuned…