Tithing: Done

Okay, I’m done responding to the comments left on last week’s posts about teaching tithing to non- and new-Christians.

As I’ve said, I’m not into debating or being controversial, and I hope the posts this week haven’t come off that way. Honestly, the main thing that drove me to even comment on the comments is that a couple of people were challenging not only me, but also a friend of mine who left a comment. What’s funny about that is that I PRAY the people who challenged my friend’s comments are half as godly as she is. And reading people questioning her just struck me as odd and disturbing. Just made me wonder, if we all knew each other rather than just being faceless people who leave comments on blogs, would people give your comments any credence? Like if they actually could see your life? Because I can tell you that if you knew my friend who’s comment you’re challenging, you WOULD follow her as she follows Jesus.

So, anyway, I’m done with my responses and most of all I hope they didn’t come off as not being humble, because one of the things I want most for myself is to be humble.

And…a warning: There was one comment made that REALLY annoyed me (but not about tithing) and tomorrow I’m going to respond to that one.