Astonished & Afraid (Mark 10)

I’m sharing a thought or two from what I read in the Bible each day, especially as it pertains to starting a church in Vegas, just as part of sharing this journey with you. And from today’s reading:

Mark 10:17-27, The story of the rich young ruler teaches us that, apparently, not every type of person is equally as likely to respond to Jesus. Some have a lot to distract them from really seeing Him, or a lot that will pull them away from following Him. This is one of my fears about planting a church on the Vegas Strip – there is a lot to distract people. The odds are stacked against people really ever even knowing our church exists and/or really ever focusing their attention on the gospel. I’ve been praying hard – asking God to overcome these hurdles, and to give us ideas on how to do that…

Mark 10:32, This is one of my favorite verses. I talk about it in my book, I preach about it… That those who follow Jesus should be astonished and afraid. Following Jesus should not give us warm fuzzies in our heart, but messes in our underwear. I say it a lot, but I don’t always live that way. But today, as I’m following Jesus to start a church in the center of Sin City, yeah, I’m at least a little astonished and afraid.

When’s the last time following Jesus really caused you to be astonished and afraid? And if it’s been awhile…how closely are you following Jesus?