But Amazingly Different (1 Peter 1)

I’m one of those guys that focuses on being relevant to culture and people’s lives. I think WAY too often Christians are different from non-Christians in a weird way that turns people off.

But, though I think we need to be relevant and share a lot in common with people who don’t share our faith, it’s also true that we need to be different. But different in an amazing way. Different in a way that forces people to notice, and wonder, and ask questions.

And I love today’s reading (1 Peter 1) because it tells us that we are different (we are “strangers in the world”) and it points out a bunch of the ways that we need to be different: We have hope, we have faith; we have joy and we are holy.

So be honest: People who don’t know Jesus but know you, would they say you’re different? If not, why not? And, if so, are you weird different in a way that’s turning people off, or are you amazing different in a way that’s drawing questions?