Day 2 – Done

This morning we drove to Memphis. The mansion at Graceland was closed, but we got to see Elvis’ cars, outfits, airplanes. As you can see, my daughter channeled her inner Elvis (which isn’t much of a stretch for her).

Then drove about 7 hours to Dallas, where we’re staying at friend’s.

On the way listened to Jack’s Mannequin, a couple Scott Hodge messages, and wrote a couple sermons of my own. (To be heard by real people … in a few years?)

Probably the most interesting thing today was seeing the names of towns in Arkansas. There’s a “Arkadelphia” and a “Texarcana” and I’m just thinking that Arkansas needs to get a little more creative. What’s next? “Ark Vegas”? “Florkansas”? “Los Arkansas?” Seriously. You can do better than this Arkansas.

Anyway, we are slightly over half way to Vegas…