FIRST: Financial Supporter

Sharing with you a few of the people who were important firsts in our adventure of moving to Vegas to plant a church on the Strip.

Starting a church takes a lot of money. This requires doing a lot of fundraising. In our current economy, raising money is beyond challenging. I feel like I’ve been on the verge of begging people for money. But the first person I asked was totally different. I sat down with Mont Mitchell, pastor of Westbrook Christian Church, on a couch, at a conference. I started into my spiel when Mont interrupted, “Vince, Vince.” I knew what was coming next. “We just can’t afford it right now. The economy is bad. We may have layoffs.” But Mont said, “Vince, Vince…” and pulled a check out of his pocket. “We’ve already decided to support you. But that’s a good speech. Use it.”

I almost cried. To have someone who believed in what we were doing enough to invest in it financially, that breathed life into me.

Thanks Mont, for being the first person to support Verve financially.