FIRST: Person on our Launch Team

Before I announced to my church that I would be leaving to start a new church in Las Vegas the leadership team encouraged me to ask people to go with me. But I didn’t. I’m not sure why. Maybe I wanted God to tell them to go, not me. Or perhaps it was fear, maybe that no one would say yes and I’d look dumb. Don’t know why, but I didn’t ask. But someone said yes anyway.

Bonez is a guy who started attending Forefront several years ago. He wasn’t a Christian but was assaulted by the outrageous grace of God. Bonez looks like you might suspect a Bonez would look, lots of tattoos, plays guitar… But he is one of the kindest, soft spoken, and spiritually sensitive people I’ve met. He’s also one of the coolest and most growing Christ-followers I know.

So a few days after my announcement Bonez called me and told me that God so spoke to him when I told everyone I was going to Vegas he almost did cartwheels up to the stage. He knew he was supposed to go, and he wanted to know if that was okay. Okay? I was ready to do backflips!

Thanks Bonez, for being the first person to join our Launch Team.