FIRST: Person On Staff

We just arrived in Vegas. Right now we’re mostly unpacking and getting adjusted. Soon I plan to start posing short daily updates. But while we’re experiencing our first days here I thought I’d tell you about a few people who were important firsts in this project.

So first, the first person on our staff. I got to know Robb Overholt when he was planting a new church in Virginia Beach about five years ago. He was the former lead singer and guitarist for a band that toured up and down the East Coast. Robb seemed to be a great guy, and was starting a cool church. Last year Robb felt God was calling him to be a part of another church plant, this time in an influential city on the West Coast, then he heard about what I was doing. We met, he said he wanted in, I told him I couldn’t afford to pay him, and he said, “Don’t worry, God will take care of us.” And that was that. Robb has already moved to Vegas. He’s going to be leading our community based service organization and who knows what else.

Thanks Robb, for being the first person on the Verve staff.