FIRST: Vegas Person to Believe in This

I mentioned recently that I’ve had a lot of doubt from people in Vegas (and people who used to live in Vegas) concerning the idea of starting a church on the Strip. In the suburbs of Vegas, sure. But on the Strip, no. I’ve been told by many that it won’t work.

While my family was in Vegas in August I had breakfast with Bart Rendell. Bart and I don’t really know each other, though we have some friends in common. Bart’s been on staff at a great church in the suburbs of Vegas for over ten years. For no apparent reason he showed interest in what we were doing. But, way more important, he believed in it. I told him about some of the negative feedback I had received and he said, “I don’t think they understand. They don’t get who you are and what you’re doing. This can work…”

That conversation was so encouraging to me. In fact, when the rough times come I’m planning on begging Bart to let me take him out to lunch.

Thanks Bart, for being the first Vegas person to believe in this.