God Is Weirdly Cool

So some of this is going to be a bit embarrassing to share but …

I have a bit of a theme song I’ve adopted for starting this church in Vegas. (Yes, that’s one of the embarrassing things.) Actually, I have a couple theme songs, but the main one is “Take Back the City” by Snow Patrol.

So yesterday I’m walking through a grocery store when I talk to someone on the phone who I’ve been praying everyday would move to Vegas. She and her husband are awesome (character, hearts for God and ministry and hurting people, servants, gifts, experience) and would be HUGE additions for what we’re trying to do. And she called to tell me that … they have decided to come!! It’s for sure, they’re in.

We talk for awhile, then I hang up and do a “YES!” fist pump when, in that very instant, the song on the store speaker system ends and the next song begins: “Take Back the City” by Snow Patrol. I kid you not. It was crazy.

And … I started crying. (That’s the second embarrasing part.) Not Ben-Stiller-running-around-wailing-my-eyes-out crying, but like I’m-so-choked-up-I-can’t-talk-and-I’m-wiping-tears-out-of-my-eyes-crying.

God is cool. Weirdly, like Twilight Zone, cool.