Like Father Like Son?

I hate to be one of those guys who brags about his kids on his blog, but this is just too big not to mention. Last week in Buffalo, we went out with my wife’s family to a restaurant called Cheeburger, Cheeburger.

They have a challenge where kids can order a 1/2 pound hamburger. If they eat the whole thing they make a big announcement and take the kid’s picture and put it on a wall of fame.

As soon as we arrived my son was interested. He said, with some nervousness, “I think I can do it dad.” His mother said, “No you’re not.” I said, “Son, today is the day you’re going to achieve glory.” I told him I would do whatever I had to for him to reach his goal, describing how Cool Hand Luke had his stomach massaged as he ate 50 hard-boiled eggs.

My son ordered the half-pounder and started off great guns. But soon he was slowing down and spoke of quitting. We went into the bathroom for an inspirational speech. (I wish I was joking.) I told him about endurance, and dying without regrets, and he ran back to the table … and finished his burger!

If you’re ever in Buffalo, go check out his picture on the Wall of Fame!